Nestle Ghana at 60 Launch


Nestle Ghana launched their 60th Anniversary on March 17, 2016 and I was at the launch. It was short and it was sweet! One of my favorite things about the launch was how everything fit into the schedule and was on time.

In her speech, the head of Nestle Ghana spoke about efforts and resources that Nestle has invested in Ghanaian farmers to help improve the standards of the products that served as raw materials for the making of various products. She particularly highlighted how in previous years some of the maize farmers had huge portions of their produce turned away because they didn’t meet industry standards.

However, as at last year, 100% of maize submitted met required standards after years of training farmers.

Right on same line with given local talents a chance, it was nice seeing my friend Chief Moomen on stage performing a Spoken word piece to commemorate the day. Everyone knows I have a soft spot for organisations that support the creative industry. Thank you Nestle.

She also spoke of efforts by Nestle to reduce wastage in their production line by making sure waste water from processing was recycled for other purposes. This I thought was a commendable effort as she highlighted how in previous years water from washing food products just went down the drain.

Also speaking on the day was the Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Alan Kyeremanten. He spoke of Governments effort to help the private sector to make the most of Ghanaian talents and resources. He spoke about Nestle’s involvement in the growing commercial starch industry.

The program ended at 09:30 just like they said it would. Thank you Nestle for all the awesome memories over the years. Thank you for giving young creatives and Ghanaian talents a platform to shine on. Happy Anniversary!!


Alan Kyeremanten answering some questions from a section of the press after the launch


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