I got hit by a car today, it’s been crazy

Today has been a crazy day for me by any standard.

On my way to work, while crossing at the Pedestrian approved Zebra crossing, I got involved in an accident. A trotro hit me and run over my foot. The lights were red for car and green for people. The road was a one way and the trotro was going in the wrong direction. This was at the Kwame Nkrumah interchange.

Luckily, I wasn’t gravely injured. The metal bumper grazed my calf, ripped my trousers and gave me quite the scratch. I was bleeding and disoriented and from the corner of my eye, as I managed to get to the other side, I saw a mob rush the driver. I don’t know what happened next but my office wasn’t too far so I managed to get to the office.

My colleagues got really worried at the sight of me took me to the Ernest Chemist wholesale shop next to the office for first aid. They told us that they couldn’t give us any because it was the wholesale shop and we were asked to go across the street to the retail shop. All this while my foot is hurting so badly and my calf has started bleeding again. We went to the retail shop and there they kept insisting we go to the hospital. We had money, we needed first aid! Of course we planned to go to the hospital after but first aid!!!!

Anyway, by now i’m getting accustomed to the pain and I’m walking a bit better. My colleague takes me to Odorna Clinic. Where after being processed (which included taking my weight, my BP, and giving me a folder), I join a queue with about seven others. It takes about an hour for it to reach my turn.

By now I conclude that I’m not grievously injured. My foot hurts quite a bit but doesn’t feel broken. Maybe a hairline fracture. The bleeding has stopped and I just want to go back home.

Finally I enter consulting room, sit down and proceed to narrate what brought me there. The doctor looks at what the nurse wrote and told me my BP was ok but I needed to lose 5kg of weight. He told me I need to stop eating at night and exercise regularly. I’m a bit confused and point out to him that I don’t eat after 7pm, ever, and that I regularly run 14km twice a week.

At this point the doctor hasn’t said anything about my foot. Finally he ask me to take my socks off rubs his hand like a pastor then says it’s not broken. I ask him if he wouldn’t recommend an x-ray to check for a hairline fracture. He said there was no need.

Then he proceeded to prescribe Vitamin C, an antibiotic, painkillers and a tetanus shot. My wound wasn’t dressed or anything. By the time I finally get to taking my injection, I pretty much walking ok and thinking what a colossal waste of time this doctor’s trip has been.

It’s been a crazy day, I’m just tired






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